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Our experienced team helps ensure a safe and effective mold removal process.

Mold is a problem in many different places, including right here in the Advance, North Carolina area. Whether you have excessive moisture in your home or commercial property, are the recent victim of weather issue that resulted in flooding, or have discovered a leaky pipe, we here at Davie Property Restoration would love to help you with your mold removal needs.

Mold Removal in Advance, North Carolina

Water, a little bit of warmth, and a bit of darkness is all it takes to grow mold in your home or commercial property. Many people don’t realize that mold grows quickly as much as it grows easily, and speedy moisture cleanup is essential for this very reason. We here at Davie Property Restoration understand and are well-trained in the various types and natures of mold species, which puts us in a unique situation to safely and meticulously handle your mold removal.

Our experts know how to handle your mold removal safely and ensure that mold spores are not tracked throughout your home. Our careful training ensures that your mold is eradicated and allows us to get started on your restoration process. Not only do we take care of the mold and the restoration process, but we can even finish off your space with a fresh coat of paint for your commercial or residential property. If you have discovered mold or are worried that your home has an unseen mold problem, we here at Davie Property Restoration are ready to help you. Give us a call today for a free quote!