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Let us help you with a thorough mold inspection for your Advance property.

When you find mold in your home, there are a lot of questions that you might have. Most people out there are worried about mold in their homes or commercial properties, and we here at Davie Property Restoration would like to help you relieve that anxiety with a proper mold inspection.

Mold Inspection in Advance, North Carolina

A mold inspection done by our team here at Davie Property Restoration involves a careful and meticulous process that involves combing through your home looking for signs of mold as well as signs of moisture issues that could lead to mold in the future. With years of experience, training and certifications, including IICRC certification, we know what we are looking for when it comes to mold, and you can feel confident in our mold inspection findings.

Once we have completed our mold inspection, if we confirm the presence of mold, we are able to assist you with the mold remediation and cleanup process. Because of our vast experience in both mold cleanup and the restoration process, we are confident that we can help you with any issue that arises due to your mold inspection.

Here at Davie Property Restoration, we work with people in the Advance, North Carolina area with all sorts of disaster relief and cleanup needs, including mold inspection. Since we are a small, family-owned business and not part of a larger franchise, we are truly out there to help those in need of our services without price-gouging. To call us about a quote, please give us a call today.