The Important Steps of Mold Removal

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If you have a mold problem, then we cannot recommend enough having the issue dealt with by a qualified professional mold removal specialist. Mold is not something that you want to try to tackle yourself. If you don’t handle mold removal properly, there is a good chance it will return in the near future. There are many important steps for mold removal. Below are the main steps that we take to make sure that your mold removal project is effective and permanent.

qualified professional mold removal specialist

  • Assessment – The first thing we will do is assess the affected area. We are always looking for the source of moisture that caused the mold to grow. The only way you will cure your home from mold is to identify the source of moisture, fix the source of moisture, and properly clean the existing mold. Once we have properly assessed the area, we can then formulate a plan of attack.
  • Repair the water or moisture source – The first thing we will work to do is repair and eliminate the source of the water so that no further mold can grow.
  • Isolate the affected area – We will close off the entire area where we will be working so not to spread contaminates throughout the home.
  • Remove damaged materials – All damaged materials will be removed and properly disposed of.
  • Clean – Thorough and professional cleaning of the areas will be necessary for complete mold removal.

The mold removal process is best handled by a reputable and experienced company like Davie Property and Restoration. Give us a call today to discuss your options for mold removal.