The Fire Damage Repair Process

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If you have experienced a house fire, we are truly sorry. This can be a very stressful and costly life event. We hope that you will call on us for your fire damage repair. We have been in the business for years and know how to get your home back in working and livable order quickly and proficiently. Below is what our fire damage repair process looks like when you hire Davie Property Restoration.

call on us for your fire damage repair

  • Assessment – The first thing that we will do is assess the damage. We are looking for things from the obviously damaged to the not-so-obvious damages that need to be repaired and not simply covered up. Not doing a complete and thorough restoration will cause further issues and expenses down the road.
  • Safety – Next, we will take safety measures to ensure that your home is safe to work on. We will either close off or reinforce unsafe areas. We will also protect areas of the home that might be exposed to the outdoor elements.
  • Water removal – If there is water still present, we will work fast to get it all removed and begin the dry out process. We want to work quickly to lessen the time mold has to begin growing.
  • Soot and smoke – We will begin with removing soot from all surfaces and use specialized technologies to remove the smoke smell.
  • Clean – Next, we will removal all debris and unsalvageable parts of the project from the jobsite.

Restoration – Lastly, the restoration begins. This is where your home starts to get put back together again. This may include new drywall, carpet, trim, paint, etc.