3 Steps to Take Immediately After Home Water Damage

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A flooded toilet, broken pipe, or a leaky roof can all result in extensive water damage to your home. While some level of damage to your home is inevitable in these situations, there are things you can do to limit the damage and spread of the water.

3 Steps to Take Immediately After Home Water Damage

Here are some steps to take immediately after you notice there’s been water damage within your home:

  1. Ensure Safety — Before going into the affected area, make sure it’s safe to do so. Check for any structural damage or electrical hazards. If you’re uncertain about the area’s safety, it’s better to wait for professionals to assess the situation.
  2. Stop the Water Source — If water damage is due to a plumbing leak or a burst pipe, turn off your home’s main water supply. This can help prevent future flooding. If you don’t know where to turn off your water main, we highly recommend taking some time to figure out how to do so now before an emergency occurs.
  3. Document the Damage — Take photos and videos of the affected areas and any damaged belongings. This documentation can be valuable for insurance claims as well as tracking the extent of the damage.

Once you’ve taken these steps, it’s important to start the water damage remediation process as quickly as possible. At Davie Property Restoration, we’re always here and waiting to help. Contact us if your home has water damage and you need a reliable, responsive professional to help you take care of it!