3 Questions Answered About Water Damage Repair

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Have you had problems with a leaky pipe or rainwater entering your home? Has an appliance leaked onto the floor or even worse, the sewer backed up into your basement? In these situations, you are going to need the help of a restoration company with water damage repair experience. At Davie Property Restoration, we have years of experience helping customers with water damage repair. Here are answers to 3 questions we are commonly asked.

help of a restoration company with water damage repair experience

Question #1: How will water damage affect my home?

Water can damage many areas of your home including your drywall, insulation, foundation, ceilings, floors, appliances, wiring, and more. If left untreated, water damage can grow and become an even larger disaster. Any untreated moisture will also lead to mold and mildew growth. These organisms can cause damage to your home and health issues in family members.

Question #2: What are the sources of water damage I should be aware of?

There are three types of water that can cause damage to your home. Clean water is from a leaky pipe or rain and is safe for you to clean up. Gray water is slightly contaminated as it originates from appliances like your washing machine, dishwasher, or toilet. Black water is dangerous and a health hazard. This water is from a sewer leak or extensive flooding. A professional needs to be involved with black water damage repair.

Question #3: What happens during water damage repairs?

When our company comes to provide you with water damage repair services, we will properly dry all of the water out of your home. We have specialized equipment and powerful fans that can remove all moisture. We will inspect for mold and remove any that we find. We will remove all damaged materials before we sanitize. We can also help with the rebuilding process. We can return your home back to its original condition.

When you need water damage repair, give us a call. With our dedication to customer service and detail -oriented team, you will be completely satisfied with your restoration service.