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Emergency Water Mitigation and Drying

Water damage whether a small leak to a catastrophic flood can cause permanent damage to your home and personal assets. It is imperative that you contact us quickly to start mitigating the matter. The quicker we can arrive on the scene, the better chance we have in reducing detrimental damage. Davie Property Restoration can provide immediate help to prevent more damage and restore your home to its former glory!

There may be times that an issue is not discovered right away and the damage has already been done. We can still assist in the restoration process. Let us help you prevent and remedy any potential mold growth while adding beauty back to your property.

One of our certified professionals will come assess the damage and give you an no obligation quote!! Give us a call or reach out via email to schedule and appointment.

We offer and happily provide the following services as it relates to water damages:

Water damage assessment


Working directly with insurance adjuster

Cleaning and restoration of contents

Drying of affected areas and if need be demolition

Locating the source of the water damage

Repair and reconstruction services

Remediating mold damage

Things to Remember:

  • Do not panic. We are here to help and will take the burden of the stress off of you!!
  • If you are able, shut off your water.  If your damage is related to appliances or pipes, shut down all sources of water to reduce damage.
  • Be safe! Be sure to cut off any electricity in the area of the water damage from the main breaker
  • Remove items that are capable of staining the wet carpet
  • If you are able, mop the area in order to remove as much water as you can
  • Take a cloth and wipe the furniture 
  • Place the wet cushions in a dry place in order to allow even drying
  • Place an aluminum foil under the legs of the furniture
  • Move art and photos to a dry and safe location
  • Keep the books on the shelves. Pack the books tightly in order to prevent the warping of the pages until we can start the specialized drying.

Shop vacuums and companies that only have carpet drying equipment cannot stop water from damaging the walls or baseboards. The water penetrates through the floor coverings in to the subfloors, and it will cause damage to the rooms located below.

If the internal humidity of the building isn’t controlled, the undamaged objects that are safe from original flood damage can get ruined because it is absorbing moisture from the air. The structures that are not dried properly or fast enough will serve as food sources for mold. This will later lead to a more expensive mold removal services. 

We Work With All Insurance Companies